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7 Independent Fashion Brands for Coolhunters

Posted on January 16 2021

7 Independent Fashion Brands for Coolhunters


Independent fashion brands are blossoming on the Gram right now. These free-spirited and often small businesses know what their customers like. They’re the first to experiment with cool new trends, their customers debuting all the unique looks that you'll be scrambling through the rails to find so that you can rock your next occasion or even the sidewalk.

You can feel smug, proud of your exclusive wardrobe & confident that no-one's doing it like you. Well, we know these ladies’ secrets – we've got you covered with 7 of the hottest independent fashion brands for coolhunters.


Kandee Shoes

Kandee Shoes is a sanctuary of glitzy, girly, statement shoes. Sported by celebrities all over the UK, this boutique gives you all the high-end style you need at a high street price and can instantly make any outfit stand out. From boots that shine to killer, studded stilettos you wouldn’t look out of place in Hollywood like so many of Kandee's clients.


 Charlotte Simone

This British designer brand has all the chic vibes inspired by the fashionable Parisian streets. The pretty yet boujee pieces will make you look oh so sophisticated in faux fur coats and accessories. Charlotte’s Insta page is too aesthetic, showing off her fluffy hats, playful scarves & colourful fabrics. Her luxurious accessories are a wardrobe staple for any cute and classic city girl. A beautiful independent brand loved by IT girls and models for its international, authentic style reinvigorating Charlotte’s freshman year abroad obsession.


The Last Line LA

A creative, quaint jewellery line designing one of a kind heirlooms. The Last Line brings ‘finely priced diamonds’ to first time jewellery purchasers and seasoned collectors who know what they’re looking for alike. The brand’s Creative Director, Shelley, designs trinkets to capture everyone’s different tastes for prices that reflect the quality of the jewellery and not crazy retail mark ups. Having studied fine arts in New York and a trained secret diamond concierge, Shelley aims to embody humble yet high-quality rings, earrings, bracelets & necklaces without losing the all-important touch of customer service.


Lisou London

Another London based brand, this boutique is for all you sophisticated yet still uber edgy girls out there. We love a beautiful silk piece anyway, but Lisou’s selection of colourful silks with distinct patterns, you’ll be owning the streets of their West London location. Their modern twist on classic shapes give a sense of coolness with a hint of timeless tradition. All of the pieces in the Lisou collection are carefully designed and created in house by Rene, making them unique and exclusive.



Sustainability is a hugely important quality for so many women when shopping today, but some brands have discovered the stunning looks and styles they can explore while staying environmentally friendly. Enter Chopovalowena – their visionary recycling of folkloric fabrics and deadstock materials give you skirts, blouses and dresses that reinvent the rules of fashion. Transforming traditional Bulgarian design into retro, vintage-y items using traditional craft techniques, if this is coolhunting then we don’t know what is.


Parme Marin

Parisian designed in New York City and handcrafted in Morocco, you’ll find an eclectic mix of accessories inspired by African textiles, art deco, and 1930s architecture. The lifestyle brand captures the minimalism of New York while also weaving in a sense of Moroccan luxury, and not being afraid to experiment with colour and quirky patterns. With a huge range from jewellery to hats, to fluffy shoes no two Parme Marin shoppers are likely to look the same, switch up your style with a unique, investment piece.


Paula Knorr

Paula Knorr is an empowering, inclusive, feminine portal of eveningwear. Started in 2015 by womenswear designer Paula Knorr, her collections are innovative yet no-frills: glam dresses and one pieces that spare no expense when it comes to graceful, high fashion styles. Her designs are manufactured using quality materials from French and Italian mills, and she regularly presents at London Fashion Week. She also has an exclusive bridal collection filled with her staple designs and accessories. Paula brings a sleek femininity to coolhunting.


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