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Dancing in the Rain at Appelsap Festival

Posted on August 20 2017

Dancing in the Rain at Appelsap Festival

Last weekend my festival season continued with a trip to Appelsap in Amsterdam. I must admit I‘d been counting down to this festival for a little while. Not just because it was being headlined by Lil Wayne (who doesn’t make many appearances in the UK), but because Amsterdam is a city that just stirs my heart. I once read someone describe Amsterdam as a big city with a village feel. And I completely agree. It has a bit of a creative heartbeat and there’s something about its easy-going vibe and ridiculously friendly locals that makes me feel right at home, every time I visit (look out for my post on what to do in and around the Oost neighbourhood).


Now in its seventh year, Appelsap festival started as a local block jam before growing into the vibesy hip hop, electronic and Dutch music fest that it is today. This year it was held in Flevopark in the hipster neighbourhood of Oost. The rain decided to make an appearance on the day, but that didn’t stop anyone from showing up in their finest festival gear and having a good time anyway. During the showers we all grabbed a free pink poncho from the bar and got on with it. Despite the rain, the festival fashion was far from a wash out.The Dutch locals turned up and made it work!

 Lil Wayne - Appelsap Festival, Amsterdam   Applesap Festival - Amsterdam 

I was lucky to catch a number of UK artists take to the Noisey stage this year, including J Hus, 67 and Dave. All of these artists are making some serious noise back home, so it was nice to see the London rap scene brought to a Dutch audience. Other highlights were the Boiler Room stage, which hosted Jamz Supernova and Crazy Cousinz, and of course the one and only Lil Wayne.  What I loved most about the festival is that it was all about good music. Appelsap might have grown since its humble beginnings back in 2010, but its boho spirit is still very much alive. Oh and the pizza was to die for too.


Check out my travel buddy, Verbal Vixen's vlog on the festival here. You'll even catch a sneaky appearance from yours truly. 

Written by Melinda Neunie


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