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The Carry-On Edit: 7 Travel Accessories by Independent Brands

Posted on September 08 2020

The Carry-On Edit: 7 Travel Accessories by Independent Brands


We're so relieved that the world seems to be opening up again and slowly slowly we're getting back on the move. Although most of still don't feel safe enough to jump on a long-haul flight, staycations seem to be the motive for 2020.  

If you're planning on packing your bags and heading off to the country or a nearby leisure retreat, here's some of our favourite travel accessories by small brands to carry with you. Just don't forget to throw a hand sanitiser and one of our Art Print Face Masks in your carryall as well. 



A sun-splashed destination can do wonders for your complexion, but first you’ve gotta get there and we all know travelling can deplete you of your natural glow. Prep your skin correctly to reduce that frustrating dry and dull airport skin with Patchology's Getaway Plan Kit. This £18 pack includes a hydrating mask, illuminating mask, a pair of illuminating eye gels, and ‘Happy Place’ aromatherapy eye gels so you can easily pamper yourself on the go.


Nativ Bottle

As vacation-fiends we’ve amassed a number of top travel tips over time. One that we swear by is hydration, hydration, hydration! A reusable water bottle, like this 400ml version by Nativ Bottle, is a life-saver. It's convenient and very travel friendly with a hydration tracker sipping schedule that will help keep your hydration in check. An additional smaller compartment on the base is also handy to keep your snacks or your earphones safe.



Changes in humidity, activities, and everyday schedules while escaping reality can sometimes mess up the condition of your hair. Moisturised and conditioned hair not only keeps you looking good, but it also makes you feel the best version of yourself. Gisou’s travel-sized Honey Infused Hair Oil is 50ml of instant self-care. Created by Youtuber Negin Mirsalehi, this luxe oil gives your locks a moisture boost when you need it most. You can integrate this natural blend of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants into your hair routine however suits you best. Use it as a daily pre-styler and finisher, add a few drops to your fave hair mask or use it as a nourishing overnight treatment on your getaway. 


Trip Drinks

CDB oil is having its moment right now as the health and beauty industry discover the beneficial results of cannabinol-infused treatment products. Trip Drinks' CBD-infused flavoured drinks are a refreshing way to give your mind clarity and your body balance on the move. The Elderflower Mint, Peach Ginger and Cold Brew Coffee flavours are UK sourced, vegan and dairy free.


The Skin Sister

Beautiful lips need nourishment, moisture, and healing. This Pepperminty Jojoba Lip Balm from The Skin Sister is packed with organic ingredients including myrica fruit wax, coconut oil, illipe butter and natural vitamin E oil. Keep it on standby in your handbag for for a quick moisture boost. 


Cut Le Crap

We love Cut Le Crap's natural, ethical and sustainable bodycare products for keeping our skin in check in different climates. This natural body oil is 100ml of after-sun luxuriousness. Formulated with sunflower, olive & jojoba, bay, lemon, lavender and rosemary essential oils, it helps to lock in moisture, prevent irritation and protect your skin in all weather conditions. 


C'est Normal

We'd be lying if we said one of our favourite parts of travelling wasn’t stunting on everyone in our airport outfit! This doesn’t mean we want to compromise on comfort though! C'est Normal's minimalistic cotton tracksuits strike the perfect balance between stylish and cozy. Founded by lifestyle YouTuber's Jon and Janni Olsson, the brand offers limited-edition unisex designs for the whole crew to enjoy. 


Words by Beatrice Gregson




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