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How To Make Your Home Look As Nice As a Balinese Bungalow

Posted on May 24 2020

How To Make Your Home Look As Nice As a Balinese Bungalow


Hey Dreamers. Although it looks like post-lockdown life may leave our travel plans up in the air for a while longer, there’s nothing stopping you from bringing some holiday feels to your own home. Use our easy Bali-style bedroom and bathroom design ideas to soothe your wanderlust and transform your apartment into a tropical bungalow.



Woods and crisp, clean neutral tones are essential features of Bali inspired decor. Wooden bed frames,  side tables and stools with beautiful sleek lines or pretty carved details are the ideal way to bring the outdoors inside for an elegant and calming look. Mix woods with white linen, cottons and neutral tones for a luxe Balinese feel.



Bring the blissful greens of Bali’s exotic foliage to your home by adding a range of houseplants to your bedroom and bathroom. Choose striking tropical-style plants with large statement leaves to remind you of Bali’s palms and banana trees. 

Tall planters and cascading greenery are an easy way to accent your bath or the spare corners in your bedroom. Go for robust plants that skim the top of your tub, aromatic botanicals that deliver a calming scent, pretty hanging baskets overflowing with rejuvenating foliage or even highly convincing faux-greenery that needs none of your time.




Woven bamboo furniture brings with it the light and sophisticated feel of neutral Balinese interior design. From gorgeous bamboo cane chairs to woven baskets, jute storage, textured side tables and seagrass laundry baskets - woven furniture delivers an exotic, stylised feel that is both grand and refined.



Introduce tactile textures in sunshine tones to your decor to bring the warmth and vibrance of Indonesia into your home. Cushions, throws, rugs, handcrafted vases and even canvas artwork will do wonders.




Recreate the zen of a Balinese bungalow with ornate accessories made from gold, glass, stone or marble. Little details can make  a grand gesture. Think storage boxes, jewellery trays, picture frames, candles, dishes, lanterns and statement mirrors. You don’t have to spend too much on this. Start small by replacing ordinary packaging with lavish-looking containers. Keep everyday items stored away and pamper yourself with luxe soap and sensuous candles to create a relaxing holiday retreat at home.


To finish, make yourself a homemade cocktail, pull on one of our pop-art bikinis and soak up the sunshine from the brightest spot in your home or garden. It’s not quite Ubud, but while we get used to our new reality, it will have to do.





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