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Motivating Girl Boss Podcasts to Binge During Coronavirus Quarantine

Posted on April 05 2020

Motivating Girl Boss Podcasts to Binge During Coronavirus Quarantine


We know it can be hard to stay focussed on your goals when you’re stuck indoors and worried about your health and future. But we’re big believers that this time in quarantine may be what many of us have needed to rest, reset and refocus on our bigger dreams. If you’ve been thinking about starting a side hustle but never had the chance to start. Or maybe you already have a business and want to take it to the next level - now’s a great time to start. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite girl boss podcasts that we listen to for tips, advice and inspiration. Welcome to your self-isolation podcast hitlist.


I WANT HER JOB                                                                                            

This podcast is for go-getters, girl bosses and ambitious women - but you got that from the name of it right? Founded by Brianne Perleberg, I Want Her Job was created back in 2010 for the purpose of helping women discover, explore and connect with their dream job. It features interviews, career advice and stories from women who are changing the future of business.



Hosted by New York Times bestselling author and serial entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso, this podcast is a beacon for current/inspiring girl bosses. It features weekly interviews with trailblazing women who have built successful businesses. Tune in for a range of useful and honest topics from women who have been in your shoes.



Want to get your hustle on? Or already have a side project? Here’s a dose of inspiration for you! Host, Carla Marie interviews a different side hustler each week who is following their passion while working their regular job. This current moment in self-isolation is a great time to get your head down and work on that side project you’ve been putting off. Let these women inspire you to get going.



Always wanted to own your own business? Or, already have one and want to hear from others in your shoes? Then check out The BossBabe Podcast! Hosted by Natalie Ellis and Danielle Canty, BossBabe is one of the largest online communities of female entrepreneurs and ambitious women. Experts are often invited to the show to give their insights whilst the co-founders also share their experiences. This podcast is raw, funny, inspiring and a definite must-listen for ambitious women. Get cosy and find out how to build that successful business you’ve always wanted to start!



Hosted by Emylee Williams and Abagail Pumphrey, this podcast will spur you into action. There’s a range of useful topics discussed from becoming an influencer and budgeting, to creating a great work environment at home. The hosts often share their own experiences within the industry. Check them out for killer marketing tips and strategies to grow that creative side business of yours.



Hosted by Jenna Kutcher who is a photographer, watercolour artist and educator, this podcast is helping tons of women to chase their dreams - and now you’re in on it too (thank us later)! It’s a live-workshop style business podcast that encourages women to chase those bolder dreams! There’s training from experts on how to do the work, get stuck in and how to tackle the biggest obstacles along the way. There’re also more personal episodes where Jenna reveals things about her own life, family and business. Don’t miss out on this one!  



Ready to learn marketing tips and tricks while laughing your butt off along the way? Meet ‘your marketing and business bestie’ Angie Lee. A marketing maven who’s great at helping women ‘kick ass’ in business, Angie teaches women how to make money doing what they love in a fun and motivational way! Grab an almond latte and get ready to learn as you listen to this Forbes Top 100 Business Podcast.


Words by Gabrielle Xsara


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